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Gertrude Perkins

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Gertrude Perkins -feather in the cap of those who spontaneously remind Blackadder- is a piano trio that tells its story using original jazz compositions with the blues just around the corner. Sometimes they are swingin', steamin', and roaring with laughter, other times calmed down and bloody serious, but there is always room for improvisation and finding fun in surprising twists. The band has been riping slowly in the soil of Ghent (BE) for some years but only recently released a first album.

Mattias Vanhoecke (piano)
Kobe Boon (contrabas)
Simon Raman (drums)

Gertrude Perkins' self-titled debut album was released independently in December 2019. It contains six compositions by Mattias Vanhoecke. Ariane Verstraete provided the artwork for the CD, but went one step further: she made a painting for each song. Photos of this can be seen in the CD booklet. 

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Mattias Vanhoecke

Mattias Vanhoecke is a pianist who likes to fall back on jazz, but keeps his sights open for other genres. He lives in Ghent (BE), where he studied at the conservatory, and where he found and finds like-minded souls to map out a musical path. Mattias teaches at Conservatorium Kortrijk and Art'Iz Izegem. You can find him on stages in many different bands and formations. He leads and composes for a jazz trio named Gertrude Perkins.


Mattias Vanhoecke

33 Klipperstraat

9000 Ghent

0484 28 52 39

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